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I got an email back later that seemed a bit weird, especially when the guy did not talk about anything in his profile and was calling me “dear”.

That is weird, my hackles were up and I was highly suspicious.

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Not looking after your sexual health Do you think women are going to risk their own health by going near something dodgy-looking?

One person sent me his email and I emailed him at [email protected]( if any of you want to send nasty emails to this scammer, feel free.) I was very suspicious when the profile of this so called guy named “Randy Hall” was suddenly removed from Yahoo.

- I will post his scam email here so hopefully when other 13 year olds or disgusting old crooks sitting in a room in Nigeria try to pull this crap on another person , they will know they are being set up by one of the oldest scams in the book.

they both meet in Rome , ITALY , where i grow up and they instilled many wonderful values in me.

Schnell gab das zusätzlich zum Gesicht voller Glückssaft und urwüchsigem Rammeln insbesondere immernoch eine Ladung Natursekt Pisse in den Schnabel dieser vorwitzigen Steuerberaterin.

The more you ‘force the issue’ the more likely you’ll end up with a hand job finish.

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