Xp client not updating wsus

The restart timer can be configured to start with any value from 15 to 180 minutes.When the timer runs out, the restart will proceed even if the computer has signed-in users.Supplemental information has the following sections: This section provides information about three extensions of Group Policy.In these extensions you will find the settings that you can use to configure how WSUS clients can interact with Windows Update to receive automatic updates.

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If you are not familiar with Group Policy, it is advised that you review the information in the Supplemental information section of this document before attempting to configure policy settings for WSUS.Options: if this setting is enabled, you can specify the time interval (in hours) that Windows Update waits before checking for updates.Specifies specify whether automatic updates are enabled on this computer.The exact wait time is determined by using the hours specified here minus zero to twenty percent of the hours specified.For example, if this policy is used to specify a 20 hour detection frequency, all clients to which this policy is applied will check for updates anywhere between 16 and 20 hours.

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