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The armor gets hot often so it was able to help protect Issei from Christie's freezing breath during the tennis match with Abe.When Issei first met Honda, it was acting as the tennis team's headless mascot since Abe, being a beast tamer, was watching over the armor and its horse while the head was at the hospital recovering from a hernia.The three have known each other for a long time and enrolled into the academy together on their first year due to the large quantity of girls in the school.In the anime, the trio are all huge fans of an adult video actress named Momo Momozono, who portrays the 'tokusatsu heroine Kaben Rider Pinky (花弁ライダーピンキー Kaben Raidā Pinkī? "Pedal Rider Pinky", based on the Kamen Rider Series).He is a guy who is an elementary school student, who wears a baseball uniform.He calls himself "Invasion Flame" and uses a spirit of fire.Murayama voiced by: Kaori Ishihara (Japanese), Haley Esposito (English)Katase voiced by: Yui Ogura (Japanese), Mary Morgan (English) The Girls of the Kendo Club (剣道部の女子生徒達) are anime-only characters.They are often subjected to Issei, Matsuda, and Motohama's lecherous peeping, in which they and the rest of the club retaliate by beating them with their shinai.

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Matsuda's nicknames are "Perverted Baldy" (エロ坊主 Ero-bōzu) and "Sexual Harassment Paparazzi (セクハラパパラッチ Sekuhara Paparatchi). Voiced by: Takuro Nakakuni (Japanese), Ruben Tadeo Garcia (English, Season 1-3), Stephen Sanders (English, Season 4 Onwards), Beom Gi Hong (Korean) Motohama () is the other best friend of Issei who makes up the "Perverted Trio".

Apparently Yuki-onna being beautiful maidens was a tall tale, as they are also known as Yetis, but the freezing breath is real.

Has a crush on Issei after seeing him wear Honda's armor much to Issei's shock and dismay.

One of her most well-known traits is her habit of giving lewd advice to Asia, such as telling her about "skinship" and encouraging her to try it with Issei in the bathroom and warning her not to dilly-dally in making a move on Issei before the other girls could get him.

Kiryuu eventually finds out about the existence of supernatural beings, having summoned Xenovia after being handed out a flier.

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