Wow addons not updating

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We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the most common issues have been addressed Visit Add On.

Com The Auctioneer Suite contains Auctioneer, all of its modules, Bean Counter, Enchantrix and Enchantrix Barker, and Informant to help provide a comprehensive view of item data, whether at the Auction House or out questing.

You'd think all of that would be covered with the other 54654546 applications out there doing the same.I've used the Twitch-client ever since it was introduced and I don't really see the big deal.I open it, install/update addons and then don't look at it again until I need it. You can use it like that and you can ignore everything that comes with it...I don't even open it unless I want to get a new addon.My biggest gripe with the new Twitch client is how long it takes to update the client itself on a slow connection, and how absolutely USELESS the progress indicator is: "Updating file 142 of 251" REALLY tells me a lot about how much data it needs and how long until it's done!

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