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Olsen doesn't give up, and attempts to merge the twins again. He likes to be in the limelight and often tries to take credit for other people's accomplishments.Bailey ropes him using her lasso, rendering his plans futile. He can be very petty when it comes to money and sometimes uses Cody for get-rich-quick schemes.He always misses Cody when he's gone and often feels bored without him.He also clung to his mother's legs during the first episode of The Suite Life on Deck, crying, "Mommy, don't go!

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Though Zack is not as intelligent as his brother, he shows that if he works hard, he can accomplish anything. The boys' mom, with her employment discount, sends them off into the world.

Zack is then reassured by Nellie that they need Zack there and he decides to stay. Finally, Zack receives the car from Cody, only to have the car become crushed by an intermodal container.

The boys then work out their problems and quickly overhear Dr. The third stage is that the two twins minds will combine to make one personality. Olsen to show everyone who he really is, and it is revealed that he is Dr. He pushes the button and Cody and Zack begin to merge. Zack is a "player" and a "ladies' man" when it comes to girls.

Even though he insults and uses Cody, he is shown to be protective when other people are mean to him.

Unlike his brother Cody, who loses most of his prankster antics, Zack is still fond of pranking people throughout both of the series regardless of the often high consequences and already knowing he will be the first person blamed.

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