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They were going over what it must have been like to come from their neighborhood and become a cop when Zapata noticed a shooter.She protected her friend and had hidden themselves up they came up with a plan of action.They weren’t really talking to her when they didn’t have to and so Zapata had gone to Ricky’s funeral on her own.She had run into his sister who had joined the police force and the two took time to talk after the funeral.

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Roman had changed allegiances on tonight’s all-new episode of “Blindspot” because he fell in love with Blake Crawford. Roman was supposed to gain her trust and then he was supposed to her.Jane was sister and he loved her so much that he went against Shepherd for her.Only Jane rewarded such behavior by erasing her brother’s memory and forcing him into becoming someone she could mold in her own making.She was drugged and given new tattoos all without her consent because Roman had wanted to use Jane as well as the FBI to take down Crawford. The FBI had investigated each new case that was linked to Jane’s tattoos and they realized Crawford posed a danger.He had managed to get an inside woman into the FBI and had used her position as the Director to control what people saw as well as when they realized the danger.

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