Who is linda thompson dating now

In 1981, Linda Thompson married former Olympic Games Gold Medalist, Bruce Jenner with whom she had two children. Bruce divorced Linda in 1983 and she appeared in a few motion pictures and made a number of guest appearances on different television series. He was a very dichotimous human being, very paradoxical. I went on vacation with my aunt and uncle to Golf Shores, Alabama. Linda Thompson: I told them I was going, but it didn't quite register. And so I literally disappeared for two weeks after having met him those two nights in Memphis, and having connected as intensely as we did. I left Graceland and said, I'm going on vacation, I'll be back and hopefully I'll see you again. And I played his music, and, you know, I was saying, Aunt Betty, do you think he'll call, and maybe he'll forget about me. Linda Thompson: I don't think I even had the number. Linda Thompson: The moment I walked into my Aunt Betty's house, he was calling on the phone. He was very respectful and very much the southern gentleman. And we were kind of contemplating what we were going to do, maybe move to New York, maybe start modeling, yes. Linda Thompson: Well, interestingly enough, I disappeared for two weeks.

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I didn't want to go back to school, and I lacked 12 credits graduating from University of Memphis. But then Elvis came along and swept me off my feet. Linda Thompson: He said, I'd like to get your number. I should have been a little more attentive than that. You know, I grew up in Memphis and I grew up listening to his music and going to his movies. Linda Thompson was born May 23, 1950 in Memphis, Tennessee. Linda Thompson: Well, you know that Elvis liked them young, so I was very young. Linda won several beauty pageants, including the 1972 Miss Tennessee USA title.

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