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I know this really extremely buff but also pretty short asian guy at the gym.He stands like 5'5, but his muscle mass is extremely huge, he also has a layer of fat, but there is more muscle than fat, everything puts together, makes him look literally like the hulk.

Other than true masochists, guys who have choice don’t want this.

It becomes a back and forth, a game, trying to out-funny each other. There's biting funny, which can be imposing whether it's a guy or a woman. Guy III: I wouldn't say funny women are intimidating, I think it's a huge-turn on, but if they are (a) way funnier than you or (b) being funny by way of making fun of you, it can be somewhat disconcerting.

Plus, it's hot when a girl can laugh at herself or you--I like women who bust balls. Granted, I think my girlfriend is the only girl I've dated who I would say is really funny, and the fact that she is more clever than I am most of the time, that just makes her the charming one of our couple.

In American culture, movies and media, there is a strong push for an archetype of the “strong woman.” How many movies have you seen where a woman acts like a complete pain in the ass the whole movie and the protagonist dude chases her around the entire movie like a puppy dog?

I’ve even seen it in a children’s movie (I think it was “How to Train Your Dragon”). Guys with any power to choose will actively Why would a guy want to choose a negative influence in his life?

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