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The company has recently launched a North American tour, hosting 15 events in 15 cities over five days.“It’s hard depending on where you live to meet other vegetarians and vegans, so that’s definitely something that would be a deal-breaker for some people,” says Brighten.Speed-dating is a great way to meet a lot of different people in a short period of time who are like-minded and enjoy similar lifestyles… Now, through a company called, there are speed-dating events specifically for vegans and vegetarians, and these events are gaining popularity.

The event will be held at the restaurant on March 22, and will include an appetizer, beverage, and conversation starters, as well as a brief discussion on plant-based living by .

Tickets to the event at Green Space are until Feb.

• Your name • Your Facebook link (if applicable) • A small photo • Your age • And if you are attending on the Saturday or Sunday.

With the veggie/vegan box already ticked, it’ll be no time before you and your date are sharing vegetarian recipes, recommending vegan food and (hopefully) arranging to meet up again!

Speed dating is a series of miniature chats in which participants sit face-to-face with their “dates” for a few minutes.

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