Vanessa dating josh hutcherson

It is heard that they first met in the sets of High School Musical.

This show brought Vanessa into the limelight and at that point of time, she was dating her co-star and teen heart-throb Zac Efron.

They have set many a relationship goals for other couples as well.

Time and again, this couple’s love was applauded by many and both of them have utilized every chance of praising each other as a partner.

Age: 23 Why She’s On The List: This California girl launched her own career on Myspace.Like other star couples, they were spotted here and there together, when their status wasn’t certain but soon it was confirmed and made public.Austin became very upset after the sudden demise of his mother and at that time Vanessa proved to be a great support to him and this helped to strengthen their relationship all the more.A few days back, there aroused a rumor that this cute couple is breaking up as Vanessa’s ex flame Zac is intervening between them.HSM4 is about to release soon and the former co-stars grouped up for that.

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