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It’s a dead-end that explains why so many Western adults in their 30’s have never had a committed monogamous relationship of even a year in length.

I often get emails from both men and women who want marriage but are struggling with the dating scene.

The printable comes with 6 different options from which your kiddos can choose. We may be a little biased, but these are the CUTEST DIY bookmarks we’ve ever seen AND they spread love. And for a Win-Win-Win, try saving them on Pinterest so you can use them again next year!

The first one is so much fun and helps teach a new skill: Origami! This will leave you with a pocket-ed square that features 3 pink triangles and 1 white.

It’s a miracle invention for men who want no-strings attached fun, and I have benefited from it for over 15 years.

Remember how fun it was to make your V-Day mail envelope as a kid?

Little boxes of Nerds and Conversation Hearts are classic, but we thought we could mix it up a bit with some candy-free Valentine bookmarks that your kids will still be proud to gift. Just run a line of glue or adhesive along the top of the top portion.

These DIY bookmarks are such a cute idea – you’ll love seeing a cute little owl or lady bug sticking out of your kiddos current favorite book! These DIY Bookmarks are so easy and kids will just love them! These bookmarks sit over the page that needs saving.

The most amazing Carisa, of Messes to Memories, brought our vision to life with these adorable DIY bookmarks. Take your wonky heart and give it a trim to make it more heart-shaped 12. The origami heart bookmarks come in pink and green. If a simpler origami is more your speed try our heart-eye emoji DIY V-Day Bookmarks. Cut out the shape, fold each triangle down to form a pocket , and glue an emoji on the front! Next up is a similar look, but for the cat lovers out there! We also have a ladybug version for all the little love bugs! You can mix and match the 4 different colors to customize your valentines.

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