Updating windows mobile for daylight savings

On first glance, the calculation functions that come with the System. Support is provided for adding intervals to time values, performing arithmetic on time values, and even converting .

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In these cases, an interesting fact is that the testers weren't seeing time conversion issues, so nobody had noticed that the code that was supposed to convert the local date information to UCT time was failing.

This example recognizes that the Parse method renders the result in local time unless some non-default culture is used as an optional argument to the Parse family of methods.

The previously shown code actually fails to convert the value in the Date Time variable d to universal time in the third line because, as written, the sample violates Rule #4 (the methods on the Date Time class do not convert the underlying value).

On first glance, the common language runtime (CLR) Date Time data type appears to be perfect for these tasks.

It isn't uncommon, however, for programmers, but more likely testers, to encounter cases where a program simply loses track of correct time values.

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