Updating firmware on jailbroken iphone Brisbane free cam chat

Step Three Press to select Auto-Lock from the General menu.Step Four Press to select Never from the list of Auto-Lock times.Step Five Press the Home button to return to your springboard.Step Six Press to select Installer from your springboard.You want to upgrade but you don’t want to lose these apps.You may have a lot of customizations, icons hidden, and other things.If you upgrade, you will find your hidden icons are still hidden but the apps required to unhide them are not yet installed.

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Step Ten SSH into your i Phone by entering the following command into Terminal:ssh [email protected] (replace the IP I used here with the one for your i Phone)Step Eleven When prompted for a password enter alpine or dottie.

Step Twelve Enter the following commands to start the install:cd /sh Step Thirteen The script will download the firmware from Apple once it finishes it will just sit there for a few minutes. Step Fourteen It will then display some encryption information and sit there for a few minutes. Step Fifteen The script will then display some partition information and sit there for another few minutes. Step Sixteen The script will then continue to patch your i Phone.

Step Seventeen After about a minute your i Phone will reboot into a Jailbroken 1.1.3 i Phone !!!!

NOTES***: You can find a solution to the i Tunes sync problems with this jailbreak here:

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