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This is a chance for you to see what’s it like to move to a new home, from a dog’s perspective!Here are my tips, based on our recent experience with adopting and surrendering a dog.Our dog will be better off in a different home with a family who can give her what she needs.We’re struggling with seriously guilty feelings after giving our dog away – and the sooner we find ways to cope with our pain, the better off we’ll be.As painful as it was to give our dog away, it really was the best decision for us.Both my husband and I feel terrible that we took Jazz back…but it helps to know that we did the best we could.However, as heartbroken and guilty as we feel, we couldn’t ignore the practical reasons that compelled us to give our dog away. If you’re trying to decide if you should give your dog away, try to separate your love from what’s best for everyone…including your dog.When you make your list of reasons for keeping or not keeping your dog, assign each reason a number.

Additionally, it was physically exhausting and time consuming to take her on four walks a day, which the dog obedience trainer recommended.

My husband and I were your typical confused dog owners!

We didn’t know if we should keep trying to train and bond with our dog, or if we should just give her away after one month.

I know it’s not an easy decision to make, and I wish you all the best as you decide what to do.

May you find peace, forgiveness, and healing if you decide to rehome your dog.

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