Ultimate guide high net worth dating

Spouses without an interest in or access to the trust interests of the other spouse can argue that the trust is a financial resource that should be taken into account on divorce, or that the trust possesses a nuptial element that means it is capable of variation in favour of the parties and/or the children of the family.Obtaining disclosure about trusts can be a difficult process.And you might be wondering: what is this club, why does it matter, and do I belong?

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Attacking and defending both onshore and offshore trusts is a difficult process.

Our elite legal team is able to deploy the most cutting-edge legal arguments, having acted in many of the most important recent decisions in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court.

High net worth divorces typically raise highly complex legal and commercial issues that demand expert legal advice and representation.

High net worth (HNW) divorces are rarely straightforward.

They typically involve consideration of company valuations, international trusts, and jurisdiction disputes, among many other complex issues. Our unique financial forensic department is able to value private companies, interpret complex remuneration schemes and find hidden assets.

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