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It is our pleasure to share the merry Ukrainian customs with the guests of our country, invite them to celebrate Maslenitsa (Pancake Week) or Ivana Cupala holiday, give very beautiful wedding songs, amulet or embroidered towel, raise the glass of vodka or wine and offer a round loaf of bread or treat the guests with the delicious ritual food – pancakes, kollyva or Easter cake.

And to share the joy of unity of the countries, times and people.

Making a formal proposal of marriage (in a traditional ceremony with matchmakers coming to the house of the prospective bride's father), engagement, arrangements and covering the head of the bride (a move from the maidenhead to the married life), bachelorette party (hen party) or wedding train, invitation and wedding march with many ransoms for the bride – our contemporaries follow all these merry elements with pleasure.

By the way, our girls are very ‘tolerant’ now – if they do not like the future husband, then they would give a baked pumpkin to the matchmakers in accordance with the Ukrainian custom.

It is considered bad luck It is impolite to point with your finger.

But if you must point, it's better to use your entire hand instead of your finger Be prepared to remove your shoes upon entering a home.

And also with many omens traditional in our country.

The pregnant women are not recommended to meet the sick persons, look at the snakes or have their hair cut, sew or cut, buy something for a future child.

The less people know about the future pregnancy – the better.

Men and some women are not allowed to visit a newborn baby during the first 40 days.

The Ukrainian rite of baptism is a very important one.

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