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Say something like: “I notice you use only cash to buy stuff.My best friend is like that, too, after someone stole her credit card.” Your date’s response should give you more insight if the explanation is that he only uses credit for emergencies or online purchases, or something like that.Bossler herself pulls out the amount of cash she needs for the week, so that she can track her spending more easily than she does swiping her cards.Plus, some people just don’t trust the system and choose to live in a cash economy, says Duran.

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The most successful couples often have similar financial goals and money habits.Consider this: The top four reasons behind money fights among couples are spending habits (67 percent), not saving enough (37 percent), bills (33 percent) and debt (29 percent), according to the 2015 Fidelity Investments “Couples Retirement Study.” So, assessing a potential partner’s financial attitudes early on can reveal clues that could later torpedo your union.“How we spend money is a reflection of what we value,” says Joe Duran, CEO of United Capital, a financial life management firm and author of “The Money Code.” And, adds Kathryn Bossler, financial counselor with Green Path Debt Solutions, financial compatibility or incompatibility is something that can come up in the earliest stages of a relationship.“It might mean she is carrying balances on multiple cards,” warns Bossler.Or, it could be that your date is a savvy credit user trying to rack up points and rewards.

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