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Piketty just puts numbers behind an observation that anyone covering recent American presidential elections could have made: That huge pluralities of voters on both sides of the aisle feel unrepresented and even insulted, and increasingly see both major parties as tools of the very rich.

His belief is that a major reordering of the political landscape is coming.

People everywhere, even on the right, were angrier about all of it.

A few establishment voices, like Jimmy Carter, eventually pointed to these factors when asked to explain the rise of Trump.

They popularized the terms "The 1%" and "the 99%."This simple idea, that the real split in American society was less like 50-50 and more like 99-1, was completely logical in a country where the top 1% owns more wealth than the bottom 90%.

The protesters' demographic critique implied that whatever we've been voting about, it hasn't had a lot to do with economics.

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