Stroh dating

Many of us , Czechs and Slovaks living in the US, have been on a desperate hunt for Czech/Slovak groceries. We have a little European Deli here in Manville, NJ that carries some CS vyrobky.

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Speaking of living in Arizona, a Texan friend of an Ohioan friend of mine brought a six pack of Spoetzl Shiner to a New Year's party, so I got to examine the bottles.If Sebastian STROH could take a look at the internet today, he would be very surprised to see his products selling everywhere. fleet received a daily ration of rum due to moral and medical reasons.The history of “Inländer Rum” dates back to the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It was only 40 years ago that this seafaring tradition was abolished, needless to say, under protest.Due to the great response and the steadily increasing demand abroad, the production capacity was continuously increased and the current factory building was built on the outskirts of Klagenfurt.Thanks to its successful export in the German-speaking region, STROH became the most well-known Austrian brand in Germany in the following years.

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