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And as with everything scientific, the “evidence base” is not any infallible and unquestionable dogma!

The quest for betterment is a never-ending process that is constantly scrutinized rigorously and in the process ironing out the flaws, accepting newer evidence and discarding proven false or spurious evidence.

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“Medicine is a collection of uncertain prescriptions the results of which, taken collectively, are more fatal than useful to mankind.” Napoleon, though, was more accurate scientifically today. There was not much useful or factual there in “Medicine” in those days.The foundations of our evidence in modern medicine like the statistical risk calculations, (especially the relative risk reductions in place of absolute risk reductions that are sold to gullible doctors in most of the “scientific” articles without mentioning the NNT figures) and, the RCTs, which have no true science base, are very shaky, indeed. Anything that follows the scientific method is science. Things won’t change much if we use the newer methods. M.s will be validated while EBSM will be discredited. The aim is not in formulating dogmatic theories and sticking obdurately to them, but in better understanding of medical science. In fact, any newer evidence that might contradict the existing concepts will be thoroughly investigated and gladly accepted if it stands up to rigorous scrutiny.Now are you accusing the foundation itself to be flawed? In fact, if I could, I would make this book a compulsory subject for all school students! It’s not that if we apply the latest, cutting edge physical laws, then automatically all the S. So, if you really have some ‘new evidence base for health and illness’ then please put them forward for peer review. This is no different from the concept of the “Ancient Wisdom” (this term itself is a fallacy- something ancient need not necessarily be wise) involving the “phlegms”, “biles”, “imbalances” and various other fanciful words. Let’s say someone is willing to sponsor a regular health checkup, will you suggest to decline it? That is a statement that is condescendingly nonsensical. NOT getting a regular health checkup is definitely more dangerous than getting one regularly. Just imagine yourself with a tumor or a brain aneurysm waiting to burst! And, I wonder how we can know if someone is healthy or not, without taking recourse to some scientific method?Were they to agree to no new barriers we could speedily translate that into a Free Trade Agreement and register it at the WTO.I think the EU also needs to be told that the provisional generous agreement on money and other matters only comes into play if there is a comprehensive free trade deal which the Uk likes.

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