Steam game recent news not updating

Archived from groups: (More info? )Hi, I have been trying to play DOD and steam keeps trying to update but nevergets past 0%.Has anyone else been experiencing problems or have anysuggestions.Like we mentioned before, Steam has a date counter.A download or update doesn’t start unless it has a correct time check.Gearing these towards any given PC can take a little bit of time, resulting in a drop in performance as your computer compiles this data.

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If there are more than one download/update queues present in your Steam library, you should cancel them and try to update/download only one game at a time.

ok when i go to install steam and it updates to the new steam client, it gets to 28% and then restarts and continues to update in a new skin and it continues to update until it hits 50% and then it sits on 50% for as long as i let it (even overnight).

Valve has stealthily updated Steam with improved Vulkan and Open GL support, updating the client with a feature that reduces load times and instances of framerate stuttering that can occur the first few times the game is launched.

Or it might be the case that your server is overloaded/down for maintenance.

We can try changing your download region and see if this fixes the problem at hand.

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