Start convo online dating

On a dating site like or Ok Cupid, not checking in every day isn’t unusual. Your follow up message needs to strike a balance between showing genuine interest and not sounding desperate.Try a light-hearted message like this one: If she doesn’t respond, it’s best to let it go and focus your efforts elsewhere.When you find ones that work for you, use them again and again. This is a simple trick that a ton of guys don’t do.Asking a question makes it much easier for her to respond, because she doesn’t have to come up with something to write.For instance, if she’s rocking business casual in her primary profile pic, it’s fair to say she probably wants to be taken more seriously.If she’s doing a cartwheel on the beach, you can go with a more lighthearted or funny first message.), use Copy/Paste messages that work for any woman you’re interested in!

Two very important words when it comes to boosting your response rate.You’ve given the conversation a direction – all she has to do is answer you.The easier you make it to reach out, the higher the chances she will. Women tend to feel more at ease with people who remind them of themselves, and one of the best ways to do that is finding common ground.You can send messages like these to dozens of women very quickly, and they still feel personalized, like you wrote the message just for her.Experiment with different messages, or use some of these proven icebreakers.

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