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Local historians have been left an invaluable reference to local life and developments of the time in his notebooks which are today collectively referred to as Church of England chaplain and composer of hymn tunes, Scholefield spent the last years of his life living in Godalming having retired to Frith Hall in 1895.

After his retirement in 1891 Peak was appointed Mayor of Guildford in 1899.

Read the letter written to Knight about road trials of his vehicle in 1895 here Gomshall artist Morgan lived at Edmond's Farm and enjoyed painting rural landscapes and portraits.

The Reliance Motor Works building still stands in Farnham, albeit under very different usage today.

The son of a carver and gilder, Peak began his career as an articled clerk to an architect in London in 1851.

In the 27 years he was to hold this important and influential post Peak was to instigate and oversee a great many public building works during a period when Guildford was rapidly developing and expanding. The police later also found a revolver Wright ahd concealed in his clothes. Wright, who had built an enormous house complete with an underwater billiards room on his estate at Witley near Godalming, had managed to smuggle in a cyanide tablet to the court and died in the presence of his unwitting solicitor. The wealthy industrialist who made his fortune in mining and railway construction was subject to scandal and ridicule when he was sentenced to prison for fraud for misusing funds in a troubled venture building part of the new London Underground. Hopkins has memorials in his honour at Westminster Abbey and his home town of Haslemere.

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