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Happy to let Scott shine, the petite blonde is certainly no pushover.

Her striking looks and calm manner are what entranced Scott when they first met in 1989.

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As Scott Cam opens the door to his home, his dog Rosie stands in the doorway and gives the Woman’s Day team friendly licks all round.

I’m so grateful, and always honored to share reflections, thoughts, feelings, views, and replies of his, from not only the Six Questions, but from searcher questions as well. Over the years, The Thrill of the Chase has brought much enjoyment into the homes of many.

Ultimately, inspiring families to get out of those homes and explore the wonders of nature.

Forrest’s hunt reminds us not to let our busy lives prevent us from appreciating the beauty which silently surrounds us. Six Questions: 1Q) Sitting by your fire, enjoying the treasure of solitude, I wonder where your thoughts mainly roam?

It helps us recognize the overwhelming gifts which are freely given in the world. I wonder, where do you travel in your mind and what pleasures pass through your thoughts? Would you be willing to share some of your thoughts during your cherished time by the crackling of wood? Retirement gives time to just remember and contemplate.

“Some mates were playing footy in the Blue Mountains and I went to watch.” He spotted school teacher Ann chatting with friends and was immediately smitten.They’re in a hurry to get it done because at 7pm they down pens and watch Dad on The Block. “They try to get me to tell them what will happen, but I never do!”The relaxed nature of the Cam family home is testament to Scott and Ann’s loving marriage.The couple has been together 22 years, and as they both curl up on the lounge, it’s clear they still love being in each other’s company.“We haven’t had much romance recently as Scott’s been away [working on The Block],” says Ann. ”Despite Scott being such a big personality, it’s clear Ann is the backbone of the tight family unit.

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