Sirius radio not updating channels

Hopefully bryan's idea works cause I did call sirius and they were unable to help me after repeated calls. I go down and turn on the car and it's sitting at "updating". Electric Area plays all the various dj sets If you're into house/techno...I tried disconnecting and reconnecting everything, resetting it facing the proper direction... I started getting depressed after ~1min thinking it was still stuck, when BAM. First time I've heard sirius on those speakers in 5 years! The non-navigation version of the My GIG radio (model REN) is available with or without built-in Satellite radio, as noted in the part lists below.In-vehicle entertainment has evolved with another innovative product from MOPAR. A 3-letter sales code is assigned for each radio in a particular series. Radio removal directions for various vehicles Sales codes and part numbers for radios and discs can be quite confusing.

The Sirius Satellite Radio System plays directly from your vehicle's radio with the installation of a special receiver and permanent mount antenna. - All versions of the My GIG RER navigation radios feature UConnect built-in (a wiring harness is required for operation, see "Upgrading" section below).It came up as "call sirius for service" Hit the back arrow and choose a different station manually. When I press idrive to enter, the station disappears. When I press idrive to enter, the station disappears.Like channel 2 (hits1) My update took about 30 or 45 secs so if you're going on 30 minutes, you'll probably need to call sirius and have them resend a signal to you. If so, do a soft reset by holding both eject and volume buttons in until the i Drive re-boots....about 30 seconds. Push the controller again, and I get a message with my ESN and the number to call Sirius. Push the controller again, and I get a message with my ESN and the number to call Sirius. All the stations had the correct numbers in about 45 seconds, just my preset screen is blank, no stations can be added in, and if I click in the i Drive controller as if I was selecting a station, it will give me my ESN and the number to call Sirius. Called BMW customer service and they referred me to Sirius. In almost all cases the higher the last letter of the part number the newer the part. Software/firmware updates for REN and REZ radios 6. Software/firmware updates for REU, REX and RE1 radios 8. In addition, sometimes changing a supplier for a particular part will result in an updated part number.

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