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Over the past couple years, I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon online and through social media. Seemingly out of nowhere, we have entered into a new age of the internet: The age of the guru.Almost every week I receive an invite to sign up for an email newsletter or subscribe to a You Tube channel or like a new Facebook page or listen to a podcast from an acquaintance who has an exciting new business opportunity or has decided to become a “coach.” Especially since I’m a writer and work in marketing, I get bombarded with these things all the time. Looking back, I’m not sure why that specific tragedy caused extraordinary doubt in my life.

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” My friend asked me this question on Memorial Day several years ago. I hadn’t come across anyone who was serving in the military that day.

I felt a little guilty when she asked me, especially because I knew her dad was in the military and she would probably be shocked at my lack of thankfulness, but I had been preoccupied with the excitement of being done with school and getting together with friends for a picnic. This week on “The Boundless Show” Comment below: If you’re a guy, how do you talk to girls — without being awkward?

I never struggled with doubt until my aunt committed suicide four years ago. I had seen drug addiction destroy the life of my brother.

I was sitting in a college class my sophomore year when my mom called me and told me what happened. I had seen loved ones be verbally, physically and sexually abused.

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