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What isn’t being discussed here is more of concern to me.How many of you have a piece of tape over your webcam right now? It’s because we know there are compromised systems that allow attackers to turn on the camera remotely.All of the major voice activated technologies assert that their products are only listening for the trigger words.In this case, police aren’t just looking for a recording of someone saying “Alexa, help I’m being attacked by…” but for any question to Alexa that would put the suspect at the scene of the crime at a specific time. If you could design malware to trigger on the word “Visa” you can probably catch a user giving their credit card number over the phone.

A murder investigation has led them to issue Amazon a warrant to fork over any recordings made during the time of a crime, and Amazon has so far refused.Yasek Manzano doesn’t considered himself a jazz musician who has a unique style when it comes to music.He is convinced that art is a sequence of creative impulses that can yield favourable results when there is tenacity, dedication and study.Not long after, he travelled to the USA to hone his knowledge of jazz at the Juliard School in New York.Although he feels happy with the knowledge that he acquired there, he thinks that in other colleges – like Manhattan School of Music or New England Conservatory – with a wider musical appropriation, he could have found an approach that was more in keeping with his interests as a Latin American.

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