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It takes adventurous spirit and irrepressible ingenuity to do things the Guinness way.

From our humble beginnings in 1759 to the present day, we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to bring you exceptional beer.

And with a skilful pairing of nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide, Guinness Draught is born.

Distinguished by its velvet-smooth texture and legendary stormy surge upon pouring, Guinness Draught brews up a storm all of its own by establishing itself as the top-selling Guinness beer with lightning speed.

Along the way, Dana Incorporated also fostered a progressive, people-oriented culture that has added a unique dimension to the products and services the company provides.

Building on these strengths, Dana Incorporated products have helped to drive history’s greatest vehicles – from the Model T and the World War II-era Jeep As Dana Incorporated embarks on its second century, it continues to build on this proud heritage.

It was from these uncertain beginnings that Dana Incorporated emerged as one of the world’s most influential automotive suppliers.

While still a student, Spicer had earned a patent for his groundbreaking design of the first practical universal joint to power an automobile.

Marking 200 years of brewing success with typical Guinness flair, the company drops 150,000 embossed bottles into the Atlantic Ocean from 38 different ships over a period of six weeks.

The bottles contain some unusual documents, namely a colorful certificate from ‘the Office of King Neptune’, a booklet recounting the story of Guinness, a special gold-colored Guinness Stout label and even instructions on how to turn the bottle into a table lamp. The first press advertisement for Guinness appears featuring the slogan ‘Guinness is Good for You’.

Striking out against the norm yet again, Guinness surprises the brewing industry by hiring scientists to evolve its craft.

This paves the way for the first Guinness research laboratory, closely followed by an experimental brewhouse and maltings.

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