Sandra oh dating history

Did you anticipate that response, in terms of representation?

Honestly, that question, in different forms, has been the main question of my entire career. For me, for us, it’s because there’s just not enough of us, so the questions always get funneled to whoever is representing right now.

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What it is that stands out to you in particular about that episode? It’s the first time that [Eve and Villanelle] really meet, and for me, it was the scene of the whole series. The notes back on Eve’s wardrobe was always like, more drab, more boring, more frumpy, more, more, more. It’s a complicated thing, but I believe Villanelle sees Eve in a way that Eve should see herself. It’s really creepy and really complicated and a real mind-fuck, but it’s also, I think, a beautiful, generous, knowing, encouraging gift. It’s the first time, the only time you see Eve in something nice, and who’s the person who presents that to her? It has such important medicinal use and I think it should be utilized. What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed at night?

Less this moment archaeologists believe apexander found the last will and doing of Management the Great - more than 2, increases after his punter.So the anticipation always comes, because there aren’t enough of us. Like: Frances Mc Dormand, how does it feel, as a white woman, to be playing this character? I don’t have the right words for what the reverse is. What is the first thing that you read in the morning? It’s so normalized—Frances Mc Dormand is the face of people and characters that are so normalized to see that you don’t question or you don’t need to ask the justification for her existence. I’ve got to tell you, if and when— that happens, when that happens, I will take myself out for a glass of champagne. I’ve got to tell you, if someone went online and did some digging, there’s a lot of tape on them. I’ve put them on red carpets; I’ve brought them to awards shows. They live in Vancouver, but they spend the winters with me, so it was like, these posters are up, and we have to see these posters.

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