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What is more, the region referred to as Persia was under Ottoman rule and the Turks originated from Central Asia to Anatolia.

There was increased activity in the north Volga, where Scandinavian traders who had previously operated from bases on Lakes Ladoga and Onega established a new centre, near present-day Ryazan.Many of the silk motifs can be linked to religious motifs from Central Asia" [?] The Persian Empire ruled until the mid-7th century, following that there were Arab and Mongol Invasions.On the other hand, the discovery itself should not be received as surprising.The trade, battles and many other interactions between Muslims and Vikings is reported to have been so intertwined that such discovered artefacts from their day to day lifestyle - whether Vikings converted to Islam or not – should be perceived as commonplace. Yet, there are people who hold this has nothing to do with Islam, Associate Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at the University of Texas, Stephennie Mulder, claims Still, news of such findings is positive, as they reinforce that social cohesion and a shared legacy between diverse cultures did and can exist.

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