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In modern times, the term "star-crossed" is often unknowingly misused to mean lovers who are meant to be together. destiny or the heavens) have ruled them, or "crossed" their plan—get it?Compare the word "disaster", which has the etymology "away; without" ("dis") "star; planet" ("aster").It usually, but not always, refers to unlucky outcomes, since Romeo and Juliet's affair ended tragically.Further, it may also connote that the lovers entered into their union without sufficient forethought or preparation, that they did not have adequate knowledge of each other, or that they were not thinking rationally (because they were being controlled by fate).She looked up at him with loving eyes that melted any reserve that he had. "You have too many clothes on, Christian." Her eyes were searching his with desire. He gazed upon the rosy peaks and licked his lips in anticipation of tasting them. Ana turned quickly holding his discarded shirt and her cell phone. "I told these "ladies" that I was not interested and told them to fuck off."Ana closed her eyes and relaxed with a deep breath. I like this a great deal." He was so close to her but didn't touch her.She reached for her the sash of her silk robe, untied it and then the robe fall into a pool of white silk at her feet. "You are so beautiful, Ana." He wanted to touch her. He caught his breath as she slid off his shirt and it fell discarded to the floor along with his tie. His tongue swirled around each nipple then suckled softly as her hands caressed his soft curls. He frowned making that "v" between his perfect male eyebrows. "Thank you, God." She whispered."You are quite a jealous little kitten." Christian teased her with a smile that made her heart skip a beat. "Yes, I like that a lot because I don't share either." He let his lips tease hers by barely touching them. I ask you once again, because if we do this, you will be mine forever.

It may be Fate, or fatally-Feuding Families, or it may be something as mundane as a few hundred miles' separation, but is the most famous example (and the Trope Namer), but the archetype dates at least as far back as Mesopotamian Mythology and Egyptian Mythology, making it Older Than Dirt.There were candles lit all through the room casting dancing shadows against the walls. She closed the door behind them and walked around him until she stood before him. I need you so much." She pushed his trousers over his hips. I want you inside me.""Oh God." He moaned as his cock jerked and was rigid with desire. He kissed her deeply and thoroughly as he placed her in the middle of the sheets. "Goodbye, Christian." She started for the door but he grabbed her arm and turned her around. Yes, I was at a stripclub with a client to seal the deal, but I didn't fuck anyone tonight or any night since I can remember. Surely, such a man would not throw away all that work for a quick tumble with a cheap whore.He noticed a chilled bottle of wine next to the side of the bed. Her hair was unbound and flowing over her shoulders. He pushed her chemise up to reveal her beautiful breasts. "Swear to me, Christian…on all that you believe is holy that you didn't fuck one of these whores.""I swear on our relationship that I did not cheat on you." He looked down at the photo on her phone.Then again, if the stars rule that much, they probably decreed the love as well as the impossibility, making the stars capricious and cruel at the very least.It also refers to destiny and the inevitability of the two characters' paths crossing each other.

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