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Rita Mae had a short affair with Judy Nelson, another of Martina's ex lovers.

Add other Relationship Information "I'm in a happy relationship, and I have been for about a year and a half, and it feels good.

Bisexual actress Ione Skye (best known for her role in , around the time that Skye’s seven-year marriage with Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz was crumbling into a million little pieces. The affair allegedly lasted for two years, and Patricia has said that “Sandra is somebody that I have in my heart forever.” ), was in a long term relationship with bisexual singer once upon a time, a pairing which “for years…

the most out couple in the black lesbian community.” Ndegeocello and Walker co-parented Ndgeocello’s son, Soloman, born in 1989.

Ndegeocello now lives in upstate New York with her partner of eight years, Alison, who had a baby in 2009. It was Francesca Gregorini, an Italian writer and directer and the daughter or Bond Girl Barbara Bach and businessman Augusto Gregorini and the stepdaughter of Ringo Starr.

Ndegeocello spoke openly about her family , noting that “it’s kind of important to get it out into society about people who are gay or different, that they can have a family.” Walker now lives in Maui with her partner, Buddhist teacher Choyin Rangdrol (or “Glen,” as Walker calls him) and her 11-year-old son, Tenzin. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been asking yourself “What happened Ellen? Gregorini has also been rumored to have dated director Kimberly Pierce and actress Amber Heard.

Hailey has never talked much about their relationship, , “It’s a very private matter for me.

Kirson, the stepsister of Zach Braff, has appeared on about a lesbian tennis player.

I’ve been hearing about this one for what feels like a decade, but although Rosie’s open about it, Sophie isn’t.

Damn, I wish I could hear about her being her lover.

Martina and Rita Mae met while Rita Mae was researching her novel Southern Discomfort.

Martina and Rita Mae broke up when Martina began having an affair with Nancy Lieberman.

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