Radiocarbon dating volcanoes

A third evidence is found in the ocean floors deposits.It appears that modern oceans contain no sediment anywhere older than the Mesozoic era.In the Mesozoic era, these same currents became quite scattered, shifting from a westerly pattern to a predominately eastern pattern.

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All the continents of the earth collapsed under the weight of the massive rain over the face of the earth.The flow rates would rock back and forth depending upon the catastrophic changes that were being experienced during the time of the flood during the Jurassic era.The great forests of the Jurassic and pre-Jurassic era became more plains and arid areas after the flood.In other words, they do not contain fossils and marine life as found in the early Paleozoic era or the era before the flood.It truly does appear that we have new ocean and that the expanding zones are along the rifts of the mid-Atlantic as seen in the above models and along the Pacific-Antarctic, Indian-Antarctic rift systems, which runs contiguous with the Red Sea-Mediterranean rift. If this is a continent that has subducted or collapsed in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, how could the Marianna trench be the collision of two continental plates, the Pacific and the Philippine?

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