Radiocarbon dating and creationism

The beta rays given off when C-14 changes to C-12 can be counted with a counting machine such as the Geiger counter.If many counts per minute (beta rays), are measured, high radioactivity and, therefore, much C-14 is present.One also assumes that all the sand is in the bottom of the glass when one turns it over. He must look for something in the bone which disappears over time, as the sand disappeared from the top chamber of the egg timer.The disappearance must take place at a known and measurable rate.

If the ratio of C-14 to C-12 was much less in the past for any reason, then false dates would be given to such fossils.Most of the carbon before the Flood would then be C-12.Suppose the scientist doing the dating did not know about the Flood.But the cosmic ray bombardment changes moment by moment, day by day and week by week.Such activity as sun spots or solar storms will affect the cosmic radiation.

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