Radioactive dating knowledge

These are the relevant guides and latest date of revision: R92 The Measurement of Radioactivity.

02/2001L93 Managing Ionising Radiations and Radioactive Substances.

It is radioactivity (fission) that keeps the interior of the Earth hotter than we would otherwise expect - and (fusion) which generates the energy we receive from the sun.

1.1 Understanding Radioactivity Radioactivity is a topic with a huge potential for misconceptions and fears, so it is perhaps a good thing that it does not appear before key stage 4 of the National Curriculum.

Important ideas covered include radiation; nuclear transitions; strong nuclear force; half-life and background-radiation.

Useful resources are suggested for exposing learners to appropriate models and explanations.

Children are likely to come to their GCSE session with some (popular) ideas about the dangers of radioactivity, and they will have some knowledge of the electronic structure of the atom.Even if they are do not teach the radioactivity topic in their teaching careers they all should have a clear understanding of the concepts above to enable them to avoid the confusions of paragraph 1.1.This section is summarized from a paper by Edward Prather (2005), which began by summarising previous research into students’ misunderstandings about radioactivity.Standards: This unit specifically addresses Q14 but, appropriately used can contribute to and provide evidence of competence for many others of the standards especially Q4,6,7,8,18, 22 and 25.Keywords: Radioactivity, Radiation, Nuclear transitions, Half-life, Background-radiation.

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