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They will also hold you accountable for sticking to your plans and ask you questions to help you identify your limiting beliefs.

Your coach may also use neuro-linguistic programming, the emotional freedom technique, and other methods to guide you. Your coach can be a map, a sounding board, a cheerleader, and at times a swift kick in the butt, but you must be willing to put in the time to do the hard work.

They will have knowledge of methods you can use to change your habits, get organized, and stay motivated.

Your job is to use what your coach gives you to do the work. A skilled artist can hand you the next brush you need, suggest colors that coordinate, instruct you on technique, tell you which supplies you should buy for the project you want to do, or even help you set up your studio.

Maybe you want to write that best-selling novel that’s been brewing in your head for years, but every time you sit down to write, the dog begs to be walked and you take her, knowing that you can’t decide on the name of the character you’re going to kill off later, anyway.

The key to change is actually doing the agreed upon work in between sessions.

If you can’t do so, you’ll gather a lot of great ideas, but your life will stay the same.

Change doesn’t happen over night, but with small, steady steps, you can do it!

Your life coach may give you homework or suggestions of things to try in between sessions.

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