Ora 01722 invalid number updating date

Try this query to see what your default date format is: select sysdate from dual; trying to isolation the problem: select 16,'curran-dan889',4, to_date('01-Mar-06', 'DD-MON-YY' ), 1 ,'T', to_date('01-Mar-06', 'DD-MON-YY' ) from dual; does the select query run fine? if yes, what are the EXACT data types and sizes of the fields? For those date values you would have to use a format mask of: 'DD-MM-YY', or you could change your input values to this: '' to match your format mask.

As we added rownum filters to the where clause we managed to find a row that triggers it.

According to your table "desc" that you posted a few minutes ago, this is a NUMBER column, name a DATE column, so Oracle will not accept the "to_date" value you are trying to stuff into it.

and as an FYI, when you use 'YYYY' or 'yyyy' in a format mask, you can pass in 2 or 4 digit years, so the mask and the data was consistent. tech_question, this is really no different than entering data in sql server.

CARD_TYP_CD = :col3), :col1, :col2)" and keep getting "ora-01722 invalid number".

SLOT_NO) VALUES ('1', '1', :col1, :col2)" and so does this: "INSERT INTO CARDS (CARDS.

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