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No pretense, just open the line with something different, fun, laughable, or else, nice. There's nothing worse than getting emails from someone and you go look at their profile and wonder what the heck is going on with them. That is for someone to call me Baby, Darlin, Sweetie, anything like that. Sherry To me the best opener is telling her why you felt compelled to contact her.Is it something in her picture - her smile, her eyes, the colour of her hair?

Ok, i don't have one, granted but the point is, be yourself off course, but be a bit different.. Make sure that the comment makes sense, isn't a compliment on a body part (smile is ok--your boobs are big, nice, is not), and make sure that if she does decide to go look at your profile, it has a good picture, nothing derogatory about other women..know, a profile that a woman will look at and say hey, he sounds interesting. I am not sure the best way to Start, but I can definitely say something that is a big turnoff to me.But, rather than asking the age old question of “what sort of music do you like” (or indeed pinching their portable music devices for a flick through), ask your date to sum up their personality or life in a song.This clever alternative question will help you learn a bit more about your date’s music trivia and perhaps even a glimpse of their tastes as well.Choose something from that and end the message with a question about something from the profile. Now carefully go through it and record all the information they've taken the time to reveal about themselves in their profile. I’m interested when:-The message is not generic (it easily could have been sent to anyone)-Typical English sentences/grammar used.But also, accept that some people if not interested will just not bother to respond regardless of what you do for many different reasons. One of their interests or something in it that stood out. I wasn't interested in him, but I did respond to his email because I realized he'd taken the time to read my profile and was asking about an interest and not focusing on what I looked like or how horny they were feeling. Now carefully write an email asking questions already answered by their profile. Also make sure to never sound specific when referring to them. (no text talk)-The language used makes the sender seem like they have class.

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