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Ole Schell was raised by two writers in the Bolinas California artists community outside San Francisco.

He graduated from NYU's premiere film school and currently directs films and fashion commercials for companies such as Virgin Mobile, Tumi, Miss Sixty and American Eagle.

But the person they think they want to date is the woman on the catwalk, or the one in magazine editorials, billboards or backstage shots.

In reality, dating a model is being with a young, beautiful woman involved in a grueling, taxing and often emotionally hazardous job.

"Picture Me" developed as Ziff's qualms about the modeling industry became expressed through the footage by Schell which he shot as he accompanied her to castings, shoots, catwalks, rare moments of rest and interviews with top models such as Diana Dondoe, Tanya Dziahileva, Irina Lazareanu, Olga Scherer, Lisa Cant, and Missy Rayder.

"Picture Me," premiered at the Gen Art film festival and has since won the “Leonardo’s Horse Award” for best picture at the 2009 Milan International Film festival.

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I can’t tell you how many times middle aged ladies at cocktail parties came up to us and suggested that Sara didn’t eat or needed to eat more, or that all models must starve themselves to look like Sara. Here is another exchange from our film on thinness from the models themselves: Missy Rayder: I just had this really warped perception of my body and in modeling, your body is just your body.Ziff and several other models talk about their glee at massive paychecks and free clothes—and the troubling realities of an industry that prizes youth and thinness.In one scene, Ziff talks about how dehumanizing it can be to make your living a voiceless mannequin: "I go blank and let the powdered shell of myself take over," she notes.Sara had moments of real hesitation to even show the film. I had access to film her in intimate moments, but we had to walk a fine line.In the end I think we found a balance and both felt it was important to tell Sara and other models’ stories and shed some light on some of the lesser known sides of the industry.

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