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Is there any way to save these files offline so they can be restored if Yahoo somehow loses them?

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 The scenario I'm addressing above is really "one day you use it, and the next day it's gone", but you do raise an important reminder: Hotmail (and other free services) will discard your Inbox and possibly everything else if you fail to login for a period of time.

Typically it's a month, sometimes three, and I believe GMail is 6 months.

Leo -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: Gnu PG v1.4.7 (Ming W32) i D8DBQFHc AT/CMEe9B/8oq ERAj/CAJ9Wl/zr Ox5FDLv/VI0WCg Ofx Xm BYg Cf SYS6 b ZBSkjhp RHnuzw YLWI1r6go= =V6tu -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- Hello Leo, I am having some issues with either msn messenger or hotmail.

There should be a reason to share your password with anyone (save, perhaps, your parents if you're underage). The scenario looks like this: you login, your inbox is empty.

You login a few hours later, and everything is back.

On msn messenger it keeps telling me that i have received an email from such and such.

If there are none, then your inbox will appear empty. The quickest route I found was this link: https://com/eform.aspx, and then click on Windows Live Hotmail. That's also what I hear from the vast majority of readers who've attempted it as well.Things like this happen, apparently more frequently than most people realize, and there's almost nothing that can be done. And with your password they have the ability to cause all kinds of damage. This has all sorts of complicated connotations, but in fact this kind of hacking is most commonly done simply by guessing your password.So with that out of the way, let's look at what might have happened. We all want to choose a password that's easy to remember, and I understand that, but if it's easy to remember then it's probably too easy to guess.That's clearly a problem at the mail provider's end.So be sure to try again in "a while", whatever that might be.

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