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The scammers are aggressive and pushy by nature, and have been known to be sleazy as well (a fact revealed by one of our readers There are thousands of examples on You Tube where people have wound up "Windows support" conmen asking for remote access to your PC.But trolling these tech support scammers can turn dark, really quickly.You should also change the password for your credit card account… By giving your credit card details to the scammers to pay for their “service”, you’re also likely to give them the information they need to use your card.By sharing the 16-digit number, the valid until date and the three-digit number on the reverse, you’ve essentially given them everything they need to steal from you.

Something that concerns a lot of people is the condition of their PC after the scam.Remember, they called you: this is not a safe way to conduct business!Our dedicated guide looking at the aftermath of a tech support scam call explains futher.Did you give remote access before having second thoughts and ending the call?If so, you’re probably safe, but make sure you run a scan with your anti-virus software and Malwarebytes’s Antimalware tool.

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