Mellody hobson dating george lucas

Murg hears the overrated sicko actually got pretty far along on the project until his high- powered manager got wind of what his client was up to and, smelling career disaster, forced him to kill his plans pronto.

Nicolas Cage (supposedly the reason Patricia Arquette divorced him)The blind at R55 about Nicolas Cage sounds to me like the the gossip hack got carried away after seeing Cage in the lamentably awful "snuff thriller" 8mm.

Ford starred with Kate Capshaw (Spielberg's future wife) in fans found the characters childish and racially stereotyped.

Others complained that the story lacked dramatic depth.

Kevin Smith told a tale about Ben Affleck being bummed that Lucas and Spielberg were looking for trashy straight porn on the internet in Affleck's presence many years ago. Someone once posted that he and Scorsese looked eyes in a restaurant.

Maybe because of their geek themed movies, but I have this suspicion that they are indeed into underage boys, but more in the psychological aspect of innocence and curiosity than the actual sexual part and like Michael Jackson their mental development is stuck or obessed with infantilism. R45, were you looking at the picture of the article's author (frumpy middle aged white woman) or did you scroll down to see Mellody lower in the article (hot middle aged black woman)?

I think Lucas shows traits associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

George Lucas could be gay: -married young but was divorced by his wife when she had an affair with another man because she said Lucas spent more time with his special effects than with her -has never re-married -his children are adopted, not biological -hires lots of gay actors for Star Wars (Ian Mc Diarmid, Hayden Christensen, Anthony Daniels) -C-3P0 and R2-D2 are basically a bickering gay couple George Lucas used to frequent Circus of Books in West Hollywood.

At that point in her life, Ronstadt was very press shy about sharing details of her personal life, so there is no verification of their engagement, but I have read about it in several articles about both of them.8. #2 We all know that everyone has their dirty little secrets, but the dirty little obsession of one much respected actor tops the usual sex-and-drug romps stars often indulge in.

Seems this Hollywood talent is hooked on snuff films - not only does he own a large collection of twisted flicks featuring people (usually women) getting shot, tortured, dismembered and/or murdered for the camera, he also wanted to produce a snuff flick of his own.

I think she's adorable, and she's a very smart woman.

Not that it proves or disproves anything, but Lucas and Linda Ronstadt were dating from 1984-1988 and were said to have been engaged to marry.

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