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The story is that it was wild cuz she was 19 at the time, even though she was 19…19 year olds masturbated…and the gift that kept giving was gift that would get a man arrested by the Me Too movement for participating in…but that everyone laughs at when it’s creepy girl to creepy girl…but was a great gift…

The only Jenna Dewan story I know comes from Channing Tatum’s old agent, who used to go drop off scripts at his house, and the couple would answer the door naked and try to get him in for the naked party…which is hardly a scandal…but it’s a story and I just told it.

I didn’t follow her in, security didn’t like me and she probably only smiled because she probably thought I was a homeless guy…or someone with downs syndrome down on his luck who needed a little pick me up…when in reality…all I needed was for her to invite me into said hotel room and sit on my face…which obviously didn’t happen…but that was decades ago.I don’t know if she would still have that star power or presence…but I do know that her tits are out, her and her husband are stupid rich, her daughter even as a teen being whored out is hot, and that’s more than I care to know about 90s models who should have died off to me in the 90s…but thanks to the fucking internet all these people get second and third lives to their celebrity…instead of their disappearing.The biggest in Jenna Dewan news is that she and Channing Tatum have finally broke up after all these years for him to go explore his homsexuality….The second biggest in Jenna Dewan news is that when she was a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson she was gifted vibrators by Janet Jackson, a gift idea she got from talking to her brother about what he gave 12 year old Culkin…..I was never a Hilary Duff fan, the whole marriage, making kids, getting her vaginas sewn up, tightened, but those cross fit, squats and sturdy tank legs, are fascinating to me, even though I like girls with skinny legs, that’s the fetish, the strong leg thing can just take a lot more abuse from penis – sexually making her come across as a naughty divorcee…but really, aren’t they all..Julia Liepa is a titty model, who you can find on Social Media, who like all titty models on instagram, is showing off her titties…which I guess when you’re a Russian, it’s a good tactic to make a lot of money, their hard work ethic that no longer needs to go to work camps has all the discipline needed to make it as a sex worker, while having no soul…thanks to culturally being from a grey, dark, cold, communist, pragmatic ideology..

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