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Eventually she was told that she was ready for the transition, which involved eight months of training, it was during the training that Sydney first heard the term SD-6.

At this time, she believed that SD-6 was affiliated with the CIA, that it was a black ops division of the CIA, funded by the CIA's black budget, they led her to believe that SD-6 was one of these divisions and that that was why they did not operate through Langley, Virginia.

However, her father's work with the CIA kept him away from home much of the time.

Sydney and her family were living in rural Maryland until Jack was transferred to Los Angeles when Sydney was two; in 1981 her mother, who was also an undercover agent for the KGB, faked her own death to prevent being apprehended by the FBI.

Sydney eventually figures out that "Francie" is not who she says she is and the two engage in a battle which destroys the entire apartment.

Jack named Arvin Sloane as Sydney's temporary guardian and Sydney went to live with Sloane and his wife Emily, for a time (Note that this is a retcon as it was previously established that Sydney did not meet Arvin or Emily until Sydney had already started working for SD-6.

Sydney went to the real CIA with her knowledge of SD-6, and was recruited by the CIA into working as a double agent to bring down SD-6, her handler, Agent Michael Vaughn, and who is her ongoing love interest on the show, gives her missions from the CIA.

She soon learns that her own father is a double agent as well, during her time at SD-6, Sydney performed missions with Marcus Dixon, who sometimes became suspicious that Sydney was a double agent. Sydney had to balance all these new revelations with keeping all these secrets from her friends, notably Will Tippin and Francie Calfo.

After meeting with an organization she believed was the Central Intelligence Agency, she signed "dozens of non-disclosure agreements" and was offered a job.

They had Sydney take a job as an office assistant on the twentieth floor of Credit Dauphine, a corporate bank in downtown Los Angeles, she assumed that the bank was somehow affiliated with the CIA.

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