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It was released on Blu-Ray Disc on December 15, 2015. It was aired at theaters in various regions and countries including Taiwan The movie was awarded one of the five Outstanding Animation Awards handed out at the 39th Japan Academy Awards, though it failed to clinch the Most Outstanding Animation Award.Its first trailer was revealed during the 5th live concert μ's Go→Go! It was awarded the Animation Of The Year award at the Tokyo Anime Festival 2016.

10 Erotic Movies You Should Totally Be Watching During The Holidays!What's even more annoying is the way Murphy instigates a visit to sex club with Electra (at the suggestion of a friendly local cop, played by sales agent Wild Bunch's head honcho Vincent Maraval) and then combusts with jealousy when she, well, has sex there with other people. Glusman displays some capacity to act, especially in the last scenes where he has a theatrical crying jag in the shower, but in terms of the stated aim of showing sentiment during sex, the results are less convincing.He looks just as preoccupied and faintly ridiculous as anyone else in a hardcore scene while making his ' O' face.10 Erotic Books You Won’t Be Able To Take Your Hands Off!10 Hottest Bollywood Scenes Of 2015 That’ll Steam Up Your Screens!

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