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Thanks for setting the record when it needs it…………K”“On this anniversary of Dem’s passing I just want to thank all of you especially you Barbara, Darin and Fabiola for making these bittersweet days a little brighter…I am aching and missing her I can come here….

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But Alice in Chains silenced most of their critics with the 1992 album a brooding disc of slow, savage riffs and Staley's harrowing lyrics, which detailed his battle with heroin addiction.

Instead, they play off one another like a depraved comedy troupe. We're like the Monkees or something."fter they finish with Whirlyball, Alice in Chains return to downtown Seattle and stop at Umberto's, the kind of family-style Italian restaurant where, if you drink enough cheap wine, you won't care what's under the blanket of red sauce.

"Since our music is so depressing, everybody expects us to run around in black and whine about shit," says Kinney. Appropriately, the band is seated in a remote back room that doubles as a wine cellar.

Alice's drummer, Sean Kinney, came up with the idea of giving Whirly Ball a whirl, and although the other band members were initially reluctant, right now they're all smiles.

Kinney and Cantrell seem hellbent on defeating the opposing team, which consists of friends and bassist Mike Inez, who somehow didn't wind up on the Alice squad.

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