Is zac efron dating ashley tisdale or

And here's the dumbest part of it - the publicists are fumbling around knowing that they might boost movie sales if he got nude IN a movie, but those stills leak so you never have to go. Wouldn't it have been easier to just stop going onto the public balcony in his underwear? Even if this phoney baloney photo shoot took all day, it would still be rather odd to change your underwear three times..then to put your light blue Calvin undies on backwards with the fly front covering your ass crack. His new film will surely get Oscar buzz once people see his deeply felt performance as a soldier seeking redemption.. When guys flash me, they're pulling off their shirts to show off a six pack. And seeing Vanessa with Josh Hutcherson just drives him crazy. Maybe his public flirting with Ashley Tisdale is his way of trying to get Vanessa’s attention.“It’s odd because Zac and Ashley are really good friends.

This is the best they can do in a controlled tease - and it will only please his fan base, not improve it. There's a handsomeness, yes, but he's so soft and feminine looking that he just looks weird with the muscles and facial hair. He was terrific as Link In "Hairspray" and in one of his first roles in a TV movie with Mary-Louise Parker called "Miracle Run" based on a true story about an autistic kid who joins the track team. With such glowing attributes you would think the media would value his privacy, but alas no-one is exempt-even someone as noble as Zac. They certainly look like they are more than just friends in the photos of them on the beach.

Contrast that to guys like Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender.

His face and body are attractive enough, but he's so boring/untalented that he has yet to make an impression on me.

I think you guys are missing the point of this publicity stunt. So he listened to headphones, played with his i Pad, played with his dick, talked on his phone, ate breakfast, and did wardrobe changes all in that short span of time, and we're not supposed to think this was arranged??? It's a bit strange that he thought he could essntially be outside (hotel balcony or not) and think he could walk around with his hand down his pants. He may be falling off the A-list, but he's still Zac Efron. I'm so upset about this terrible intrusion into Zac's privacy. According to Hollywood Life, the hunky actor got papped frolicking on the beech with his former High School Musical costar Ashley Tisdale because he wants to grab Hudgens’ attention away from new boyfriend Josh Hutcherson.“Zac is still not over Vanessa,” a source revealed.“His heart is broken and he can’t get over her.

He's likely got a really good trainer and probably only gets one day off week.[quote]Did the little idiot wash his hands between playing with himself and handling his food? Immediately.[quote]What guy hasn't had hand down his pants? Most of the guys here right now are sitting in front of the computer with their hands down their pants and it's not even masturbating, just holding. This poor kid is approaching a Kardashian level of fame-whorishness. Have him hang out with Jay-Z or some other rapper for "street cred." 4. He only has to do it with a woman once, then it's over. I thought we were going to see pics of his ass and penis, but all we get is one picture of his ass and half of it's blocked by the door.The partially obscured ass's become a staple of these "candid" PR staged things, hasn't it. Though I suppose that's meant to support the illusion that it's "candid" and the cameraman got caught by the "celebrity."This effort to make him seem edgy is really stupid. This is as laughable as the condom "accidently" being dropped on the red carpet. I know you all love me, and thanks for awarding me the most active thread on Easter Sunday. Don't forget my new movie "the Lucky One" written by DL fave Nicky Sparks.First the condom falling on the r4ed carpet, now this? We all know he's had Chace Crawford's dick up his ass. If you're trying to change his image with the Teen Beat/IMDB crowd you'll have to try harder. I play a soldier - I am buff and I show my ass in the movie, too. His last movie tanked, so obviously the studio is desperate to make sure this one doesn't suffer the same fate.Also, it bears repeating: you can tell that Zac was playing it up for the cameras, which just makes him seem...pathetic.You can always tell the fatties, who think it takes steroids to have a body like that.

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