Intj men dating

Even when they can afford it, they won’t buy anything ultra-modern and would rather go for something old-fashioned instead.Unlike some other types, ISTJs don’t want to be original; anything unique or anything exotic makes them feel uncomfortable.They dislike showy things; their homes, just like their clothes, are typically plain, neat and orderly.The ISTJ avoids luxury — price and durability are their primary consideration.Being introverted means that you prefer to focus internally and get energized by spending time alone.Being sensing means that you prefer dealing with concrete facts rather than abstract ideas and concepts.People with ISTJ personality type account for approximately 10-14% of the general population, which is great because it means you aren’t alone.

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The meaning of ISTJ is introverted (I), sensing (S), thinking (T), judging (J).

In spite of their introversion, ISTJs are likely to participate in community service projects, particularly those that promote traditional values.

Unlike some other types, ISTJs believe in importance of social events such as engagement parties, weddings, anniversaries and funerals and will attend without fail.

ISTJs earn significantly less than ESTJs or ENTJs, but on the other hand, they are still ahead of all other personality types (source).

Since their young age, ISTJs train themselves to complete what they start.

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