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Amazon Prime Video is our top pick for best value because its yearly subscription comes with a great selection of movies and shows, as well as free two-day shipping from Amazon.

You can stream unlimited shows and movies, typically up to (but not including) the current season of a show.

A Prime subscription costs more than some streaming plans, but it also gets you free two-day shipping from Amazon.

One of our only complaints with Netflix is that the service has so many shows and movies that it’s sometimes hard to decide what to watch.

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We compared streaming selection, monthly price, whether it is commercial-free, and the user experience for each service.

Hulu has been trying to break into the original content game like Netflix and Amazon, and some of its series, like “The Handmaid’s Tale,” are popular.

However, this service’s basic plan has commercials, and that can be a major turnoff.

After our testing, we recommend Netflix as the best streaming service for most people.

It has a great selection of past TV shows and movies, and a growing library of excellent original content.

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