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Mal tried to persuade a skeptical public that his cherry-picked list of generic homilies & platitudes formed the core of a uniquely Australian set of Values.Everyone held their nose waiting for Mal to explain which of his "values" obliges Australia to play the role of a shriveled little nonentity dangling from the arseholes of Ameri KKKa's assholes? media and the public have a general amnesia whenever it comes to U. war crimes - no matter how recent." that is really true from my observations..thanks for covering this b and giving a much wider perspective on what is going on here.. @ Posted by: Debsisdead | Apr 27, 2017 AM | 3 We armed, trained and equipped the Kuomingtang(KMT) in China during WWII, including the 'legendary' Flying Tigers (early modern Mercs/Private Contractors) to predominantly fight the Japanese (Imperial Japanese Army (IJA)), especially from 1942 onwards.But as WWII wound down that support switched to enabling Chiang Kai-Shek as our intended Sino version of Cubas ruthless dictator, Batista, to govern over China as a to be Uber-exploited version of then Cuba, thru direct involvement in the Chinese Civil War to destroy the Evil Chicoms.

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Additionally, the endemic psychological disease among the Borg of projection provides further evidence that the claims of biological warfare by the Koreans and Chinese were true.

But even Napalm and the criminal destruction of North Korean dams were not the worst depravation the U. The Mi Gs were fast enough to engage the B-29s and extend away from their escorts. Their confessions were published in writing and publicized on Korean, Chinese and Russian radio. Torture of "prisoners" was "simulated" with the trainees. Its pilots dropped bombs with biological warfare agents over China and Korea. (The Geneva Protocol of 1925 generally prohibited the use of biological agents but the specific Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention was only developed and signed in 1972.) The U. and UK developed extensive biological warfare programs during World War II but those weapons were not put to use in the European theater. The ISC travelled to China and North Korea in the summer of 1952 and by the end of the year produced a report that corroborated the Chinese and North Korean claims that the U. had used biological weapons in an experimental fashion on civilian populations. v=35a T9ik Wcqc I was unaware of the existence of these confessions b, tell the truth that report would have come in real handy a coupla weeks ago.

Three B-29s were shot down and seven more were damaged, with no casualties on the communist side. Decades later, during the war of terror and on Iraq, the CIA hired two psychologists as "behavioral science consultants" from the SERE training staff to teach its agents how to use torture on prisoners. personal as well as several south American militia were trained in and used these abusive and illegal methods.) The torture training at the SERE schools and the abuses were all based on a big lie. Theirs were not false confessions extracted by Chinese Communist methods. The Japanese used biological weapons, with mixed success, in China and elsewhere. During and after the war on Korea the Chinese government alleged the use of biological weapons on Korean and Chinese civilians by the U. For a long time the commission's report and its appendices with the witness statements were suppressed and not available online. The Senate report on CIA torture in Iraq and elsewhere is still suppressed. I was aware and may have even posted here that it has been fairly common knowledge that the reluctance of amerika to join the ICC at the hague and/or ratify the Rome statute was related to fears it had expressed of being 'wrongly' charged with crimes committed during the Korean conflict, but I always imagined that was to do with the conventional bombing campaign which had reduced all of North Korea and most of the South to piles of sticks and rocks I had no idea about the anthrax attacks or the bombing of China. China exploded it's first nuclear weapon in 1964, now given that the lead in time from devising and launching a nuclear weapons program to a successful test is about 10 years that suggests amerika's crimes during the Korean war caused the Chinese leadership to rethink their opposition to nuclear weapons and make their own. Think Gestapo, midnight knock on the door, torture & 'disappeared', ie ' Night & Fog'.

Prior to the War on Terra such methods were confined to offshore, 'plausibly-deniable' conduct, ideally almost always thru third parties (Trained/Supervised/Directed)(See School of Americas). Nobody threatened fat cat USA, so it's not as if it had been pushed to desperate measures or anything like that.

The War on Terra and alcohol-addled George Bush Jr brought it onto home soil, and resulted in an operational merging of the CIA torturers with regular MI & 'private contractors' (mercenary interrogators/torturers), from CIA foreign covert training & supervision of such, to effectively direct conduct of, as part of normal military operations, wide and far, including proliferation to the US created & directed Iraqi Police/SF Tiger Battalions (death Squads) unleashed by Petraeus in Iraq from 2004, let alone his enabling transfer of techniques and methods from Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib and beyond concurrently, as well as ' Black Sites' ... Why use chemical and biological weapons that had been internationally banned?

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